Monday, August 15, 2011

The Mysteries of God

Mountain View Mondays - Stealing Your Breath with Views of the Heart of God

O God - I stand in wonder as I consider the mystery of you.

With a word, you formed the heavens, the earth, and everything in it. With great finesse, you created every living thing with an intricate design.

Just as no two mountains are alike - their peaks, elevations, and faces taking their unique place in your landscape - no two humans are alike - each created for a distinct purpose in your kingdom. Help me to embrace my uniqueness and to refrain from desiring to be like anyone other than my true self.

Fun at Camp - Summer 2010
 I marvel at another great mystery of you . . . your ability to be three persons in one - God the Father; Jesus, the son; and the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, you are God with me - the breath of heaven empowering, guiding, teaching, comforting, and loving me. I acknowledge your presence here with me and I am grateful for the indescribable joy of being close to God through you. God, I know that it is not your intent just to meet me in church on Sunday morning. You desire to go with me and to experience each day by my side. I am hungry for more of you Father. Breathe your Holy Spirit into me. Teach my heart. Restore my body and soul. Be forever near me.

Another great mystery that perplexes me but also makes me grateful, is the mystery of your love for man. Even though I am imperfect and unworthy, through your grace, you implant special God-given abilities within your family members. Help me to acknowledge, discover, open, and use the precious spiritual gifts you have given to me for the benefit of others, and for your church.

Though there are many gifts, there is one Spirit that empowers us all. Though we each have unique purposes, it is just one Lord we serve together.


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In awe of who he is . . .


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