Friday, September 2, 2011

Put Some Fun into Your Marriage

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Park City, Utah. If you've never been there before, I'd recommend putting it on your dream destination list. My husband had a business conference there this week and took me along. So glad he did!

View of one of the beautiful mountain ranges in Deer Valley

It was great to get away. We had lots of fun together. Astounding scenery, quaint main street with lots of restaurants and shops, friendly locals, luxurious accommodations, perfect temperatures . . .

My adventure man got a little crazy - took a ride on a bobsled at Olympic Park (where the winter Olympics were held in 2002).

Here he is. He's the one in the back. Apparently, the back is the worst position. Your head bobbles around the most violently.

The big push off!

There he goes! At top speed, they reached 69 miles per hour. Pulled 4 G's around the curves. Aaaagh!

When he got off the bobsled . . .

Me: Well? How was it? Did you like it? Do you want to do it again?

Him (emphatically): No. Once was enough.

Me on the steepest zip-line in the world. So fun! The closest thing to flying.

Feeling like a kid again on the Alpine Slide.

See ya! As a momma, I'm a little on the cautious side. My poor husband followed me and had to slow down because I "braked it" a lot more than he did. He ended up getting hit in the backside by the guy behind him because he had to slow down so much. Oops!

Watching the national ski team practice aerial ski jumps into the pool. Awesome!

At day's end on Main Street with my hubby.

Our trip was a ton of fun. So good to get away together! Many years ago when our children were young, I can remember having to force myself to leave our kids to go places with my husband. I was anxious that something would happen to them (or to me) while we were apart - and it was a heck-of-a lot of work just to get out the door! One life lesson I've learned is how important it is for us to make our husbands a priority - and to make time alone with them happen. Husbands enjoy having a companion for their adventures in life and want to be able to go out and "play" with their wives once in a while.

The best gift we can give our kids is a strong marriage between their momma and daddy. Spending time apart from them and alone with our spouses can really contribute to that. You don't have to invest a lot of money in going on a trip to get that alone time. Not many of us can afford that these days so be creative. I have a friend who knows her husband loves hunting, so each year she arranges to go away with him on a hunting weekend - just the two of them. Yeah - she actually dons the camouflage gear, sits in a deer stand, and shoots the deer! What does your husband love to do? Maybe you could ask him to teach you - or allow you to participate in - that activity with him. Just the two of you.

Getting away together (or taking a trip together) can require a lot of preparation . . .

Arranging a sitter
Putting together pet instructions and kid instructions
Writing out kids' schedules (where and when to take them to their activities)
Signing a Power of Attorney (notarized - just in case)
Stocking up on groceries/preparing food dishes ahead of time for them to eat while you're gone
Cleaning your normally messy, cluttered house to make it nice for the sitter
Doing laundry and packing for trip
Feeling exhausted before you leave
Wondering . . . is this worth it?

But enjoying uninterrupted time with hubby is completely worth every ounce of effort!

So friends (those of you who are married) - be sure to make time for your man. Take off the mommy hat for a while. Kick up your heels. Be adventurous! Go out and have some fun with him! You'll be glad you did. And so will he.

Because Families are Worth Fighting For . . .

P.S. - Our luxurious hotel didn't offer free Wifi. With all the economy hotels I've stayed in that don't charge for it, I couldn't bring myself to pay for it - hence, no posts earlier this week. Blame it on my principles.

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