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Little Hands Big Helpers - Kids Helping Kids

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So sorry for missing Monday’s post. Bad storm. Loss of power for almost a day. No post. Sent our son off to his freshman year of college on Tuesday. Heart aching. Still no post.

But today I’m really excited to introduce you to an organization that has compassion written all over it. Not only that – it’s an organization that’s nurturing compassion in children. Love it! It’s called Little Hands Big Helpers. Intriguing name isn’t it?

A sweet mama named Chanda started this organization after an MRI detected a lesion on her two-year-old son’s brain stem.

She contacted St. Jude’s, received a very quick response (unheard of), and before she knew it, her son was admitted to St. Jude’s for diagnosis.

St. Jude's
Used with permission from Chanda at Little Hands Big Helpers

Her experience with this medical facility was absolutely phenomenal (free stay at a hotel sponsored by the Memphis Grizzlies - truly caring doctors – an itinerary of their day provided by the hospital – exceptional facilities where everything is sponsored by corporations, etc.).

Her son’s older sister actually told her she wanted to move to "Temphis, Mennessee" to live at St. Jude’s! This big sis’ also wanted to help the sick children at the hospital. Children under ten aren’t allowed to volunteer at St. Jude’s so she came up with another idea.

Big sis' pulling brother at hospital
Used with permission from Chanda at Little Hands Big Helpers

In lieu of gifts at her birthday party she collected art supplies, DVD’s, and nail polish for Miss Crystal (nurse) to use when she painted the toenails of patients and their siblings.

Chanda believes it’s important to empower children with opportunities to help other children, and to let them know that they can be big helpers who make a difference in this world too. And that's the mission of Little Hands Big Helpers. Is that cool or what?!

Used with permission from Chanda at Little Hands Big Helpers

Here are some upcoming events:


Silent Auction

Thursday August 11th
5:00 - 7:00
Classics at The Clarion Hotel
3333 S. Glenstone in Springfield, MO

The coordination of Little Hands Big Helpers is carried out completely by volunteers; however, there are still some expenses. Chanda has organized this silent auction to pay for those expenses. She wants 100% of funds raised by kids in the Trike-a-Thon and Try-Sport-A-Thon to be used to help children at St. Jude's.


Springfield Missouri
Jordan Valley Park
October 8, 2011
9:00 a.m.

Children raise funds to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and St. John’s Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center. 100% of funds go to help sick children.

Kids can bring their big wheels, trikes, and bikes with training wheels, and ride through a child-sized "Springfield" as they make a few stops to collect prizes.  The ride starts with a safety check as the children learn important rules about riding bikes and trikes.  Afterwards children of all ages enjoy the Interactive Sports Zone, jump around in a Bounce House provided by Jump Mania, and make cards for children in the hospital at a card-making station.

Children helping children
Used with permission from Chanda at Little Hands Big Helpers

The lesion on Chanda’s son’s brainstem is now completely gone. She believes God used his health issues to get her into St. Jude’s and to compel her to start this organization. She met many amazing children and families at St. Jude's who she says are the heartbeat of this organization. Here’s a story she shared with me about one of the children she met.

One five-year-old who was going through chemo started forgetting things. She looked up at her mom one day and said, “Mom, if I don’t remember you in my head – don’t worry. I’ll always remember you in my heart.”

Little Hands Big Helpers has been a huge endeavor for Chanda and if God had told her how big it would eventually become, she probably would not have stepped up to the plate. Chanda shared with me that God has directed her every step and opened many doors for this organization (volunteers, sponsors, a local park for events, silent auction items, etc). She does not have prior experience or a specific education that would have prepared her for this venture. She loves the quote, “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” Chanda homeshools her children and is adopting two more. Her work with Little Hands Big Helpers is often tiring, but she says it is one of the most uplifting things she has ever done.

Chanda's miracle boy
Used with permission from Chanda at Little Hands Big Helpers

If you’d like to help Chanda provide opportunities for little hands to be big helpers, visit this link for more info.

Children who learn to look beyond themselves to help other people develop some really great character qualities that we don't often see in this world today.

You can contact Chanda at:

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