Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Authentic Compassion - A Non-Political View

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There are a lot of ideas circulating these days about who's compassionate and who is not  - especially on the American political scene. Politicians paint one party as being more compassionate while another is painted as being more cold and uncaring.

God has written the message of His compassion across my heart and laced it through the landscape of my life. He has poured His compassion out on me, and He has allowed me to rally people together to practice it in and through the local church as a former Director of Sending Ministries. I have had the privilege of watching Him perform miracles as He reshaped hearts and mobilized people in acts of compassion that dramatically impacted the lives of those sharing it - and the lives of those receiving it. I have spent time in the trenches working face to face with people in need and have listened to the stories of many able-bodied people whose life mission and career goal was to convince our government they are disabled so they could receive a regular disability check. 

Here's something God has taught me about authentic compassion. Maybe this will help you as you warm this world with your own demonstrations of compassion.

Authentic compassion does not make people dependent on systems, organizations, ministries, or governments.
  • There is a time and place for emergency assistance and even long-term care (i.e., orphans), but authentic compassion never desires to make that assistance a permanent lifestyle.
  • Authentic compassion always desires to build people up and make them stronger.
  • It sees the potential in every person.
  • It seeks the best for that person.
  • It seeks to encourage them toward their fullest potential and the fulfillment that comes from living out their God-given purpose on this earth.
  • It allows people to realize the deep satisfaction and dignity that come from a day of hard work.
  • Authentic compassion is proactive.
  • It empowers and makes people stronger.

Let's stop allowing politicians to define compassion. The view is distorted when the only aim is self-serving re-election based on creating a sense of dependency among the people. How about wrapping our minds around authentic compassion? Demonstrating authentic compassion helps and empowers - it never hurts, enables, or limits.

What are your questions or comments about authentic compassion? 

Please circulate and share this post if you want to rally people toward authentic compassion in our world today.

Taking a Stand to Warm the World Together . . .