Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lift Your Eyes

Mountain View Mondays - Stunning Views of The Heart of God

(You'll need to turn down - or turn off - the music on my playlist at the bottom of this post in order to hear this clearly.)

My friend, know without a doubt that YOU have already won God's heart. Yes, you have - and it has absolutely nothing to do with the good things you've done for others, or the number of times you've gone to church, or how much money you've put in the offering plate, or how many passages of scripture you've memorized, or how many prayers you've prayed, or how many of his rules you've followed.

Nothing you've done can steal his heart away from you. No amount of mistakes, abortions, addictions, affairs, pre-marital sex, breaking of the law, or breaking of the rules. No amount of shame or the bitterness of regret.

You are in God's heart whether you're a Christian or not. His love is not reserved for one and not the other. He loves all of us stumbling, staggering, complicated, messy people because he is good.

You have value simply because the God who created the stars in the universe created you, and he paid a very high price to rescue you from the punishment you were destined for because of your inability to live up to his standards. The price paid for your rescue was a life - the life of God's son. The price he was willing to pay to redeem you determines your value - not what you do or don't do. Your value isn't diminished by horrible mistakes. The same price was paid for the murderer and the saint. The value of every person is constant because of what God did for us. The life given was of immeasurable worth. That makes you a priceless treasure in the heart of God - whether you're a Christian or not - whether you're an awesome mom or not - whether you're a great student or not - whether you're divorced or not - whether you had your baby or not.


Slow down your busyness.
Slow down your shame.
Slow down all your regrets and let me wash the hurt away.

Cuz' I want you to know
That I won't let you go
I'm holding on. Love's holding on.

Lift your eyes my children.
Lift your eyes my love.
Lift your eyes my children.
This heart, you've already won. 
(copyright 2010 Brady Toops and Anthony Skinner)


(Bible verses drawn from in this post: Genesis chapter 1; Psalm 139; John 3:16-17; Luke chapter 15; Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8; 1 Timothy 1:13-15; Matthew 9:10-13; Matthew 18:10-14; and more.)

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