Friday, August 19, 2011

Kids Anyone?

Fireside Fridays - Conversations by the fire about home and family

Guest blogger: Martha Carter

My chosen career path was home and family. Even as a child I knew it was what I wanted from life. Once my now husband asked me to marry him all I could think about was babies, babies, babies.  It was as if someone saturated me with baby dust wishes and I was thoroughly infected.  We had yet to make the wedding plans when my soon to be husband suggested we discuss some things. “Like what?” I asked dreamy eyed.  I wondered what could possibly be on anyone’s mind other than babies. “Like when we’re getting married.  You know, a date.” he said.  Oh yeah, that might be something an engaged couple would want to nail down.  It's something you usually do before having babies in the traditional sense.  I guess we would have to get that out of the way before- having babies!!!  

As you can see I wanted them immediately, I wanted them a lot and I wanted a lot of them. We had two.

Our first-born is a boy.  A healthy 9-lb bouncing boy, he fulfilled my hearts desire to be a mother.  I was smitten and devoted at once. Getting up in the night was a joy and the early morning wake up time?  I couldn’t get up fast enough.  Not the typical response to sleep deprivation, but I didn’t care.  I had a baby.  I bought toys WAY before he could possibly ever interact with them.  Lincoln Logs at his 6-week mark.  Hey, I needed to be prepared. We were headed back to Saudi Arabia and I had to make sure he would have every opportunity to meet all challenges.  Construction being one of them!  I was delirious with utter joy and couldn’t imagine a better life with more fulfillment.  Matthew was our first and the beginning of our little family.  He was wild and rambunctious, loved the outdoors and couldn’t get dirty enough.

 I wondered if all boys smelled like little goats.  Mine did.  And I loved it.  Life in the wilds described Matthew.  If he could have been born in the crook of a tree, he would have been.  Today he has a boy and a girl and provides them with thrilling life experiences and a love of the outdoors that has filled his life.

Rachel was a wee one at birth.  Not premature wee but well under the 7-lb mark.  Her skin was so fair it was almost translucent.   A blue-eyed (denim blue), blonde (white) babe with chubby cheeks so rosy it appeared she began an acting career a little early in life, and was using too much blush for the stage lights.

People would stare at her in public until at the age of three she verbally expressed her concern as to why people stared at her.  She thought they saw something amiss.  She couldn’t know it was her startling beauty.  Her love of horses was there at an early age, and she began riding with me in a Snuggly at 6 months. She had a natural “seat” and was a bit of a freak of nature when it came to her abilities in the saddle.

Her temperament was of joy, obedience and sunshine.  She remains the same today as a wife and mother of two very busy boys both blonde and blue-eyed.  Her mantra for the boys is “listen and obey” and “I love you.”  She is wonderful.

Two things I’m glad I did as a parent didn’t have much impact on my kids directly.  I took pictures, and I took note.  I suggest you do both.  I noted that our son smelled like a goat and I noted Rachel’s rosy cheeks.  Obviously those weren’t the only things I noted, but just an example.  Take note of their gestures, their expressions or the way they tip their head when they communicate.  Review them in your mind over and over.  Put them to memory. Today, I revel in the more unnoticeable things of the past.  Those things I hold nearest my heart; the things that create a lump in my throat or make me giggle.

Having a family is a 24/7 job at the least. It never ends in its repetition of chores, soothing wounded feelings, guidance, and encouragement. You’re a doctor, chauffeur, teacher, preacher, chef and household manager. If you’re ill there is no day off. You work through it. It’s constant giving with little thanks and no pay but the benefits are unimaginable.


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